The Fall of Duty

By on 30th October 2015 - Editorial, Games

Tim has concerns and apathy regarding this year’s Call of Duty.

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Review: Nintendo Quest

By on 30th October 2015 - Games, Movies, Review

Film maker Rob McCallum dared his best friend, Jay Bartlett to collect all 678 games released on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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Less Well Known Spooky Locations In Gaming

By on 30th October 2015 - Editorial, Games

Looking for somewhere different to visit this halloween season? Reuben has few examples of locations on the roads wisely less travelled.

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BRB Geek Speak 19: Albus Severus Fart Face

By on 29th October 2015 - Geek Speak, Podcast

New episode BRB Geek Speak for your ear holes! Find out what happens when Monday evening recording is mixed with alcohol and hunger.

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Review: Johnny Red (Issue 1)

By on 29th October 2015 - Comics/Graphic Novels, Review

Tim was interested to see how well one of his favourite comic writers restores a former British comic hero.

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WRC 5 FIA World Rally Championship_20151027155432

Review: WRC 5

By on 28th October 2015 - Games, Review

The motorsport licence’s trend of mediocrity continues with an underwhelming next-gen tune-up. Back to Kwik Fit with this one.

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Review: Ro-Busters: The Nuts And Bolts Vol. 1

By on 28th October 2015 - Comics/Graphic Novels, Review

Thunderbirds, minus Jeff Tracy, plus a greedy cyborg, minus the Tracy kids, plus a bunch of misfit robots equals 2000 AD’s Ro-Busters.

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Review: Death Vigil (Vol. 1)

By on 27th October 2015 - Comics/Graphic Novels, Review

Rik claims that Death Vigil is one of the best comics he’s read in years. Find out why.

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Preview: Sword Art Online: Lost Song

By on 26th October 2015 - Games, Preview

Bandai Namco invited us to try out their upcoming game Sword Art Online: Lost Song. Armed with no knowledge of the series whatsoever, Rik jumped at the opportunity.

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